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60W / 12.8V / 5A outdoor power cable

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Product description

12 Volt power cables are designed for use in your living room. During outdoor use, the effective voltage reduces dramatically when the temperature drops. At -10°C, the voltage can sink to 10.5Volts. The telescope's electronics then try to compensate for this lower voltage by drawing more power, resulting in flutters which are generally attributed to the mount’s electronics but usually caused by the sub-strength power supply. This power cable is designed for outdoor use.

Both protective disconnect connections, the quick disconnect right-angle plug and the connecting cable, protect the telescope’s electronics from damage at the socket, protect the telescope from toppling over, and protect the power supply from broken cables or other damage. If someone accidentally trips over the cable, the socket is not pulled sideways from the telescope, rather the connection releases itself in a linear fashion at the coupler.

The cable which connects the mains adaptor to the telescope and the socket are around 4m long, including the mains adaptor.. They are longer than usual so that the cable does not create a trip hazard or hand around in mid-air. Even when being used with larger telescopes, the cable can be placed on the floor or on the tripod or pier column shelf .The casing is sealed against moisture but is not watertight. The plug should never be exposed to water.

The casing is sealed against moisture. With a continuous load of 5A and an off-load voltage of at least 12V, the Baader Planetarium 60W Outdoor Power Cable is ideal for modern, high-torque mounts, such as the Celestron Advanced VD, CGEM (DX), CGE Pro and CPC HD Deluxe mounts. Of course, it is also suitable for all other mounts requiring a 5 amp power supply and a 12V 5.5mm/2.1mm DC connector.

Our expert comment:

When using the Baader Outdoor Power Cable, please also use the supplied quick disconnect right-angle plug.(this is also available for purchase separately: Item number 50235 ).

It has been demonstrated using some Celestron mounts (including the popular AVX), that an optimal power supply can only be obtained from the Baader Outdoor Power adapter in combination with this angle plug as the internal coaxial connector is too short for the Celestron mount otherwise. This is intentional as the angle plug prevents the mount falling over or the cable being damaged if someone accidentally trips over the cable.

(Jan Ströher)



Cable length (m)
Input voltage
100 - 240
Output voltage
Amperage (A)

Special features



Overall size LxWxH (cm)
10,7 x 4,8 x 3,1
Weight (g)
Power supply
Type of build
Power pack

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Baader 60W / 12.8V / 5A outdoor power cable

Customer reviews

Excellent PSU

Review by M. D. on 03.06.2019 18:55:04

( 5 / 5 )

Great power supply unit for your mounts. I use this on my EQ5 SynScan mounts, works like a charm.

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