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Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope SC 203/2032 EdgeHD 800 AVX GoTo

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  • Ideal for mobile astrophotography
  • Modern computerised controls with large object database

Product description

More about the series Advanced VX...

The Celestron EdgeHD telescope: Corrected image - sharp right up to the edges!

EdgeHD is the name for Celestron’s “aplanatic Schmidt Cassegrain telescope”. After over 50 years of success, Celestron has revolutionised the classic Schmidt Cassegrain telescope.

EdgeHD telescopes ( "Edge High Definition") are true astrographs. This optical system delivers distortion-free, sharp images right to the edge of the visual field. This means that not only the coma outwith the optical axis is corrected, as is the case in currently available “coma-free” lens designs, but also field curvature.

Lots of optical systems are advertised as “astrographs”. As desired, they display stars with pin-sharp clarity, but along a curved image plane. Photographing this using a camera results in a noticeable image field curvature which rises towards the edge of the image field, resulting in increasing star size and aberations with larger sensors. The stars at the edge expand into small rings (“doughnuts”). As well as the coma, the Celestron Edge HD telescopes correct field curvature right up to the edge of the image. This also significantly improves resolution and magnitude limits in comparison to rival optical systems.

The XLT multi-coating helps to give the EdgeHD scopes a significant performance boost compared to similar systems on the market.

The Edge HD telescopes’ mechanisms and lens tube have been fully overhauled:

  • mirror clamps hold the primary mirror securely in any desired position without putting pressure on the optical elements. The image is stable, even during long exposure times.
  • Air vents behind the primary mirror provide fast air exchange so that the lens cools amazingly quickly. Thanks to an air filter system, dust is prevented from entering the lens tube.

The Advanced VX is the ideal mount for mobile astrophotography using small to medium-sized telescopes! Telescopes up to around 14kg can benefit from the well-engineered functions of Celestron’s large parallactic mount. Thanks to PEC (Periodic Error Correction), the periodic error, which occurs in all mounts with classic worm gears, is strongly reduced, making long exposures possible. Additionally, you can follow objects far beyond the meridian, without instant switching being required. This means you can observe the most interesting part of the sky without interruptions. The Advanced VX also has a considerably wider base than its predecessor, which increases stability when carrying heavy loads. Improved motors have with high torque and can better compensate for small imbalances.

Experienced photographers will appreciate how easily this mount can be transported to dark observation spots. If you are just starting out with astronomy or astrophotography, the Advanced VX can help to make those first steps easier and provide you with good service for many years to come.

The mount takes Vixen-style dovetail rails or wider Celestron rails (CGE-style), but not 3” Losmandy rails.

It not only matters which telescope you buy but also where you buy it. Our additional services:

  • We are a leading telescope dealer and know the devices we sell. Our customer service team will gladly help you after your purchase if you have problems with assembly or operation.
  • We provide a copy of the 80-page "Telescope ABC" beginners handbook with every telescope.



Type of build
Aperture (mm)
Focal length (mm)
Aperture ratio (f/)
Resolving capacity
Limit value (mag)
Light gathering capacity
Max. useful magnification
Tube weight (kg)
Starbright XLT
Tube construction
Full tube


Main mirror´s construction
secondary mirror design
Secondary mirror obstruction
Ventilation for central mirror
corrector plate coatings
Starbright XLT
Secondary mirror diameter (mm)


Type of build


Mounting type
Type of build
GoTo control
Mounting saddle
Vixen & Celestron CGE
Polar elevation setting (°)
7 - 77
Load capacity (kg)
Power supply
3x Aux
Autoguider interface

GoTo control

Tracking speeds
sideral, solar and lunar
GoTo Language
German, English, French, Spanish, Italian
Alignment method
2-Star Align, Quick Align, 1-Star Align, Last Alignment, Solar System Align
Polar Alignment
All-Star Polar Alignment
PEC correction
USB 2.0
Tracking modes
parallactic - North-South


Accessory plate
Tripod leg diameter (mm)
Max. tripod height (cm)
Min. tripod height (cm)
Weight (kg)

Included accessories

Finder scope
1.25'' eyepieces
Deviating optics
1.25", 90° star diagonal
cigarette lighter socket
Prism rail
Counterweights (kg)


Advanced VX
Total weight (kg)

Area of application

Moon & Planets
Nebulae & galaxies
Nature Observation
not recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

Recommended for


Recommended accessories

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Soft dew shield cap

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Telescope accessories > Cables & power supplies (9)
Power pack

Baader 60W / 12.8V / 5A outdoor power cable

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Observatories (1)

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John Wiley & Sons Astronomy For Dummies

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*All prices include VAT plus shipping costs.

Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope SC 203/2032 EdgeHD 800 AVX GoTo
The new, rigid AVX mount from Celestron for instruments of up to 14kg
Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope SC 203/2032 EdgeHD 800 AVX GoTo
Included accessories
Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope SC 203/2032 EdgeHD 800 AVX GoTo
Example of use - connecting a Skyris series planetary camera

Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope SC 203/2032 EdgeHD 800 AVX GoTo
Example of use - connecting to a DSLR camera

Customer reviews

Very happy with the EdgeHD800 + AVX

Review by PabloV on 11.04.2018 11:51:34

( 5 / 5 )

Shipment was excellent. No problems at all.

The telescope came with a 40 mm Plossl, which is decent. HOWEVER, I strongly recommend buying a wide field eyepiece around 35mm (68 deg or more). My most used eyepiece is a Baader Aspheric 36 mm. I use this eyepiece for larger objects and deep sky, and as a finder eyepiece. The ES 28 mm at 68 deg is also REALLY good, and I prefer it over the Baader eyepiece for deep sky objects. For planets, I recommend eyepieces below 20 mm (I use 13 mm Ethos and a Baader Zoom, both excellent). At 8mm, the image is quite dim, I normally stay at 10 mm. I also recommend an eyepiece around 20 mm. Note that this SCT comes with a 1.25 inch diagonal, and does therefore not support 2 inch eyepieces. I strongly recommend upgrading to a 2 inch diagonal. I only use 2 inch eyepieces and filters nowadays. My diagonal is the Baader Click lock (very nice, highly recommend it).

The finder scope is very good and I use it a lot to find objects.

The AVX mount is also very good, in particular for visual it works excellent (for serious AP, a bigger mount is necessary). The mount is not that heavy if you disassemble it, it is manageable (I do everything myself, I am 33 years). In the beginning, it took some time to set up, but now I do it within 10 minutes smoothly. Polar alignment is not so difficult if you practice. Star alignment is also quite easy using Celestrons hand controller. I use two star alignment, which is VERY good and easy. The program can also add extra calibration stars, and if I want good alignment I use up to 5 stars. I normally use the following stars that are easy to identify in the eyepiece: Mizar, Arcturus, Betelgeuse, Caph and Deneb. GoTo works excellent and I always use it. Be sure to purchase a good battery and cables! I bought a TS Optics lead acid battery, which works excellent.

Observing: With this telescope I have seen Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Nepture, all amazing. The moon was stunning and beautiful. To observe the moon, you will need a polarizing filter (I use Orion 2 inch). I went to a star party the other day and I lost count of the number of galaxies that I saw with this telescope (Andromeda, Whirlpool, Bodes, Cigar and many galaxies in the Virgo cluster that I don't know the name of). I have also seen the Orion, Own and Ring nebulas. If you go to a dark place, this scope will show you a lot! You will not be disappointed. For deep sky I used Baader Aspheric 36 mm and ES 28/68 eyepieces mostly. On some star clusters, the Nagler 20mm is really nice! This scope is indeed capable!

NOTE: The SCT can give you views of about 1.3 deg (true field of view). For comparison, the moon is 0.5 deg. Constellations, such as the Pleiades, do not fit. The double cluster is also an extended object, and it fits barely if you use 36 mm Baader Aspheric. If I want wider fields, then you want another type of telescope. I am myself looking for a rich field telescope, probably an APO 80 mm, to complement my SCT. I will probably mount it on my EdgeHD 800.

AP: As for AP, I have tried taking pictures with a DSLR camera. The images on the moon are stunning, but on other objects, they are only OK (exposure times of 20 s are possible/reasonable). I got one good image of the double cluster, and some decent images on M13 and Orion nebula. I haven't tried it on the planets yet. Note that I don't have guide scope or other advanced AP gear.

For a complete novice in the astronomy field, or someone that is not so strong, I would perhaps recommend something smaller and cheaper, e.g. 6 or 5 inch SCT on a Nexstar mount, maybe an 8 inch SCT on Nexstar at most. This options is somewhat cheaper and have lower overall weight. If you are a serious amateur and beginner, the EdgeHD 800 on AVX is a very good place to start, and you will have a telescope with good tracking, good overall quality, and that is capable for planets and deep sky objects. In the future, you can also do some serious AP with the telescope if you purchase a better mount. I strongly recommend this telescope.

Amazing telescope and mount for beginmers!

Review by G. R. on 14.03.2017 17:11:22

( 5 / 5 )

Bought this baby from Astroshop last January and i'm still learning its full potential!
Amazing, portable and very good price/quality ratio!
Thanks Astroshop!!

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