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noctutec Dark adaptation glasses for astronomers

Product no.: 55687
Manufacturer: noctutec

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noctutec Dark adaptation glasses for astronomers
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Product description:

The dark-adaption glasses protect against glare from extraneous light of any sort.

You know the problem - every time you are dazzled by white light, your eyes' dark adaptation process has to start all over again. Whether it's a car driving past, a notebook display that is too bright, or an astrophotographer not paying sufficient attention to the visual observers around him when setting up his equipment.

Stop getting dazzled! The glasses are so designed that light cannot get through them either from the front or the sides. The arms can be adjusted in length. You can keep the glasses on during the entire observing session, just pushing them up and out of the way when you want to look through the telescope - it's that simple!

All displays can still be seen perfectly well, and in high contrast, in dark red. The red displays on telescope equipment remains perfectly legible.

Included in delivery - glasses, sturdy case, cleaning cloth, retaining strap.

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