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Glossary > Telescopes > Included accessories

Glossary | Telescopes | Included accessories

Many telescopes came with simple accessories.

Astronomical accessories

A telescope basically consists of the optics, the mount, the tripod and the eyepiece. But with the right accessories, your observing will be even more successful.

More information:

1.25'' eyepieces

Eyepieces are needed for observing. Depending on the focal length, you achieve a certain level of magnification. The specification 1.25" refers to the diameter of the connector (1.25" = 31.8 millimetres).

2'' eyepieces

Eyepieces are needed for observing. You achieve a certain level of magnification depending on the focal length. The specification 2" refers to the diameter of the connector (2" = 50.8 millimetres).

Barlow Lens

Extends the focal length and thus increases the magnification of a telescope. It is positioned between the telescope and eyepiece or camera.

Camera adaptor (1)


Optical aid to correct aberrations.

DC power plug

This means a plug for the cigarette lighter socket in a car.

Erecting systems

A telescope always displays an object upside down. This law of optics can only be compensated for by an erecting system. Erecting lenses, diagonal mirrors or Amici prisms provide you with an upright image. Diagonal mirrors provide an upright but back-to-front image and Amici prisms provide an upright and right-sided image.

Finder scope (1)

A mini telescope used to locate a celestial object. There are optical finders and red dot finders.