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  • Area of application (1)
    The area of application will give you a broad overview of the purposes for which the telescope is suited.
  • Focuser (3)
    A focuser is used to hold an eyepiece. The image can be focussed using the focus wheels on the side.
  • General (1)
  • GoTo control (6)
  • Included accessories (5)
    Many telescopes came with simple accessories.
  • Mount (4)
    A mount is the foundation of an astronomical telescope. It usually consists of the mount head and an appropriate tripod.
  • Optics (15)
    A telescope tube is referred to as an optic because it contains the components necessary to collect and concentrate light.
  • Reflector (2)
    Special characteristics which only reflectors possess, can be found under this heading.
  • Tripod
    The tripod is a part of the mount, it provides a stable stand and is usually adjustable in height.
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