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Glossary > Telescopes

Glossary | Telescopes

Area of application (1)

The area of application will give you a broad overview of the purposes for which the telescope is suited.

Focuser (3)

A focuser is used to hold an eyepiece. The image can be focussed using the focus wheels on the side.

General (2)

GoTo control (7)

Included accessories (8)

Many telescopes came with simple accessories.

Mount (5)

A mount is the foundation of an astronomical telescope. It usually consists of the mount head and an appropriate tripod.

Optics (19)

A telescope tube is referred to as an optic because it contains the components necessary to collect and concentrate light.

Recommended for... (3)

The classification of the telescopes according to their suitability for beginners, advanced or observatories is useful as an initial orientation.

Reflector (4)

Special characteristics which only reflectors possess, can be found under this heading.


The tripod is a part of the mount, it provides a stable stand and is usually adjustable in height.