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The fast track: technical knowledge at a glance

What is an equatorial mount? What is meant by field of view? How does a condenser work? The world of nature observing is populated with many technical terms. In this glossary you will find many technical expressions simply explained. You can see an Info icon after many terms in the technical data. Click on it and you will find out more about that particular term.
From brands to products
In addition to the technical terms, you will discover a large number of brands and product lines. Because it is often difficult to get an overview of everything that’s available. Learn interesting facts about the manufacturers and what they actually do. In this way you will definitely find the right products for your hobby.
Browse our knowledge base!
In most places you will find links to suitable products! The entire glossary is like a table of contents made up of sections. You can dive deeper and deeper into the secrets of technical terms as you wish. In this way you also automatically grow your own knowledge base!

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