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The classification of the telescopes according to their suitability for beginners, advanced or observatories is useful as an initial orientation.

By grouping the telescopes into beginners, advanced or observatories, you get a better overview of the large range of products available.

  • Beginner: These telescopes are supplied so that you can observe "out of the box": simply unpack and get going. The telescopes are correspondingly easy to operate and have an aperture of less than 12 inches (305 millimetres).
  • Advanced: The telescope is not necessarily complete, especially with regards to the mount or eyepieces. The optics can also be larger or specially corrected, for example EdgeHD by Celestron or high-quality apochromats. Here you will also find the H-alpha solar telescopes, through to the Coronado PST
  • Observatories: Here you will find specialist equipment for observatories, especially the RC optics with truss tubes. Most telescopes in this section are also movable. Experience has taught us which optics and mounts are preferred for use in observatories.

The classification is not hard and fast; a very experienced observer might be interested in a small second instrument, or a beginner might be confident to observe with a large Dobsonian telescope right away. That is ultimately your choice.

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Telescopes for experienced observers, but also for ambitious beginners.


Telescopes that are supplied as a complete system and are easy to operate.


Telescopes suitable for a fixed mount, whether that is in the garden or an observatory.