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Glossary | Telescopes | Recommended for... | Observatories

Telescopes suitable for a fixed mount, whether that is in the garden or an observatory.
Omegon Ritchey Chretien Pro RC 406 3250 Truss OTA

These telescopes are very well suited for static use, be it on a fixed pier in the garden or in an observatory.
This applies in particular to the large RC and SC telescopes, but also to particularly high-quality apochromatic refractors. The telescopes are sold as a so-called OTA (optical tube assembly) or with a large mount. The mounts are usually supplied with a tripod. Even if you attach the mount to a fixed pier, thanks to the tripod you retain flexibility.
The classification according to beginners, advanced and for observatories is for orientation and is not meant to rule out or exclude in any way.