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Easypic Universal Smartphone Adapter

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Product description

Omegon Easypic Smartphone adapter -take pictures of your favourite subjects even faster, and they succeed almost without trying.

A unique photo possibility - when you never have a camera. It's a pity, but there is a solution - your smartphone and its built-in camera. After all, it's in your pocket. The new design of this adapter allows you to turn connect your mobile phone to binoculars or a telescope in a jiffy. So you can grab the moment - and keep photos of your favourite subjects forever.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • for telescope, spotting scope or binoculars - now easily photograph through any instrument
  • suitable for smartphones from 119x61mm to 210x119mm
  • for eyepieces of 31-55mm diameter - infinitely adjustable for almost every 1.25" eyepiece
  • locking knob and curved holding clips - keeping your smartphone safe so it cannot fall out

Immediately ready to use - carefully though-out design

When it comes to photos with a smartphone, it should be immediately ready for use. Suddenly a glorious stag comes into the field of view. Now everything has to go really quickly. One big advantage is that the four retaining clamps can be released via a single locking screw, allowing you to rapidly find the optimal orientation for attaching your smartphone. Then simply tighten the brackets and your smartphone is sitting perfectly.

Your photos always succeeds thanks to this technology

Three metal clamps hold and centre the eyepiece. So your smartphone's camera lens sits precisely in the middle. That means the image can never slip out of alignment. You always find the centre of the eyepiece because the adapter is centred automatically. Another advantage is that your mobile phone can be set up faster than with many other adapters.

Telescope, spotting scope or binoculars - it fits anything

Whether you just have a pair of binoculars or own a telescope or spotting scope - the easy-fit adapter fits almost every instrument. The holder is steplessly adjustable from 31-55mm. Even spotting scopes with no camera connector can now be used for expert photography.

Photography does not have to be difficult - enjoy the amazingly simple way to shoot photos - with the Omegon Easypic.

Our expert comment:

The best tips for easy astronomy photos can be found in our magazine article Astrophotography for beginners



Connection ( to eyepiece)
Universal Digi Cam adapter
Optical length (mm)


Weight (g)
Synthetic material
Camera bracket
Type of build
Smart Phone Imaging Adapter
Omegon Easypic Universal Smartphone Adapter
The new concept - an adapter that centres exactly on the eyepiece

Omegon Easypic Universal Smartphone Adapter
The holder bracket is freely adjustable, so you can install your mobile phone precisely

Omegon Easypic Universal Smartphone Adapter
The Easypic smartphone adapter sits on the eyepiece as indicated

Omegon Easypic Universal Smartphone Adapter
The Moon, taken using an Easypic adapter and an Omegon 8" Dobsonian telescope.

Photo: Marcus Schenk

Omegon Easypic Universal Smartphone Adapter
This lunar image shows numerous surface details. The resolution is enormous - even the Rima Hyginuse can be seen, which is only 4 kilometres wide. Photo: Marcus Schenk

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