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Product no.: 61034

Camera GUIDE 2000 C Color

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Product description

The Omegon Pro GUIDE 2000 Camera is an advanced autoguiding solution. Additionally, it is suited for first steps in planetary, lunar and even deep-sky astrophotography, in Full HD!

Planetary- and Lunar-Astrophotography for Beginners: This is the right camera to start into the fascinating field of solar system astrophotography. Capturing images of Jupiter, Saturn or craters on the Moon just like you can see them through your eyepiece allows you to share your nightly astronomy experiences with your friends and family. Or you can gather around the screen and observe the Moon and planets live together.

Deep-Sky Astrophotography: The high sensitivity of this modern CMOS chip makes the imaging of Nebulas and Galaxies much easier than it was just a few years ago. These faint objects are hard to capture, but thanks to the high quantum efficiency and low read noise of the sensor you can create images showing details imperceivable through visual astronomy.

Autoguiding: You will find a suitable guide star anywhere in the sky! Even fainter stars are no problem, thanks to the high sensitivity of this modern CMOS sensor. Guide with short exposure times and a high guiding frequencies to correct even small tracking errors of your mount. Native compatibility with PHD2 and an inbuilt ST4 Guide-Port make this the ideal camera for your autoguiding needs.

Functional shape: The sturdy body made from anodized aluminium is shaped like an 1.25" eyepiece and fits every telescope. With a light weight, this camera doesn't put any additional strain on your equipment. The camera's front is equipped with a C- & CS-Mount thread or (through and adapter) a regular 1.25" filter thread. This allows you to directly attach small CCTV lenses or a vast selection of astronomical filters.

Transmission: A filter window protects the sensor chamber from dust and humidity. The Omegon Pro colour cameras are equipped with and infrared-blocking filter. Modern CMOS sensors are sensitive to infrared light, so a correct color representation in the final image is only possible by removing these wavelengths before capture. On the other hand, the Omegon Pro mono cameras feature an anti-reflection window, that is transparent to a wide range of wavelengths from the ultraviolet to the infrared. You can add your own filters for unrestricted control over your transmission curve - invaluable for advanced imaging and photometric applications.

Compatibility: The Omegon Pro cameras are compatible with a wide range of available astrophotography programs through the common interfaces ASCOM and INDI. Native compatibility is also being added to a growing number of programs, like PHD2 and N.I.N.A.

Scope of delivery:

  • Camera
  • Nosepiece adapter
  • USB-Cable
  • ST4-Cable

Our expert comment:

Which camera best suits your telescope? All the important facts at a glance in our [CMS://shop/i_id=1593 "Infographic: how to find the right Omegon astronomy camera"]



Sensor type
CMOS Chip (Sony IMX290)
Size of chip (mm)
5.6 x 3.1
Chip - Diagonal (mm)
Pixel size
Resolution Photograph (Pixel)
1936 x 1096
Bit depth (Bit)
Images per second
15 (at full resolution)
Colour camera
Active cooling
Power supply
5 (USB)
USB 2.0, ST4
Supported operating systems
Windows 7/8/10 (Linux (INDI))
Connection (to the telescope)
Filter thread
yes (1,25")
Flange focal distance (mm)
Operating temperature
-10°C - +50°C
2x2, 3x3, 4x4 (Digital)
Internal memory
Rolling Shutter


Filter wheel
Transport cases
Other contents
USB & ST4 cable
Connection (to the telescope)


Length (mm)
Diameter (mm)
Weight (g)
Outer material
Type of build
Astronomical Cameras

Area of application

Moon & Planets
Nebulae & galaxies
AllSky, Meteore

Recommended accessories

Telescope accessories (1)

Baader Focusing T-2 eyepiece clamp 1 1/4 "

$ 49.90*
Filters (2)
Blocking Filters

Omegon Blocking Filters 1.25''UV / IR cut-off filter

$ 79.00*
Astrophotography (3)

Omegon CS-Mount lense 2.8-12mm f/1.4

$ 39.90*
Spectroscopy & Photometry (1)

Paton Hawksley Spectroscope Star Analyser 100

$ 201.00*
Astronomy (1)

Omegon CS-Mount front-piece without IR-cut filter

$ 14.90*

*All prices include VAT plus shipping costs.

Omegon Camera GUIDE 2000 C Color
Rear view

Omegon Camera GUIDE 2000 C Color
Omegon Camera GUIDE 2000 C Color
Comparison of the available sensors
Omegon Camera GUIDE 2000 C Color
Saturn with its ring system

Customer reviews

Good guide camera

Review by Gabi07 on 08.03.2024 11:44:52

( 5 / 5 )

I have this camera for 2-3 years.
I used as guide camera and working very well.
I used with KStars/Ekos (from various sources: Stellarmate and different Ubuntu versions. Different hardware: Raspberry PI 4, miniPC, laptops).
On linux no need drivers to be installed.

Avoid this camera

Review by T. J. on 07.01.2024 23:47:36

( 1 / 5 )

I have been trying to make this camera work with INDI/Kstars for a couple of years now, and it has caused me nothing but frustrations. It doesn't connect at all 99% of the time, or it times out after a few seconds. Changing cables, USB ports, restarting etc. doesn't seem to work.

Direct connection, INDI connection... same problem all the time, and the rare few times it actually connects (and stays connected), it tends to lose track of the guide star after a very short period of time (it has of course been thoroughly focused using a Bahtinov Mask). Not trustworthy at all, I'm afraid, so I will be looking into other guide cameras like ZWO, QHY etc. from now on.

Response on this review by our expert Ulrich Zehndbauer

on 08.01.2024 09:35:47

Dear customer,
since you own this model for a couple of years already, did you ever contact our customer service? It seems this particular camera has a technical fault which can be repaired. Please contact our customer service for asssistance, we will be glad to help!
Your team Astroshop

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