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Spectroscope Star Analyser 100

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Product description

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  • Professional Astronomers routinely use the power of spectroscopy to reveal the secrets of the universe. Now the Star Analyser can do the same for the amateur imager at an affordable price with this simple telescope attachment.
  • Used like a conventional 1.25 inch filter, it is the ideal accessory for today's low cost astronomical imaging cameras, webcams and video cameras.
  • For example, with a telescope of just 80mm aperture and a simple unmodified webcam, the hidden characteristics of hundreds of stars down to magnitude +4 can be revealed. With a 200mm aperture and a sensitive long exposure CCD imager, the identification of bright Novae and Supernovae or even a measurement of the expansion of the universe from the redshift of a Quasar are possible.


  • High quality transmission diffraction grating mounted in a standard 1.25 inch filter cell
  • Anti- reflection coated glass protects the grating surface
  • High efficiency 100 lines/mm blazed design
  • Simple to use - Screws into a camera eyepiece adapter like a normal filter
  • Spectrum direction marked on the filter cell. A locking ring maintains the orientation
  • Optimised for the small CCD sensors found in popular webcams, video and astro cameras.
  • Star and spectrum can be recorded in the same image, which aids identification and calibration
  • Grating distance can be adjusted if desired using spacer rings (purchased separately)
  • Can also be fitted to an eyepiece for visual use



Connection (to the telescope)
Mount material




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Paton Hawksley Spectroscope Star Analyser 100
Spectrum with an image of Vega

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