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Guidescope module finder

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Product description

Omegon module finder - the guide scope and finder scope for small telescopes

Not every telescope can take a large finder scope with two heavy ring clamps. What about smaller telescopes that have already reached the weight limit of their mount? Or perhaps you just want to use a more compact guide scope?

There is now the Omegon module finder. Just slot this mini guide scope onto the finder scope shoe of your telescope and you can immediately get started photographing nebulae and galaxies.

  • achromatic optics with 50mm aperture and 180mm focal length
  • highly compact guide scope for bright guide stars
  • for telescopes up to around 1500mm focal length
  • 1.25" connection for auto guider and eyepieces
  • fits into any Synta finder scope shoe

Compact guide scope for instant use

Modern auto guider cameras are so sensitive that they no longer require a huge guide scope. Most short focal lengths work even better together with auto guiders, as accidental overdriving of the guider is no longer a risk. Why use a long telescope when a compact one is so much more practical?

Here is where the Omegon module finder comes in: This miniature guide scope has only a 50mm aperture and fits onto any Synta / Vixen finder scope shoe. The module finder functions accurately with telescopes of up to about 1500mm focal length. It saves you a lot of time, as it has never been easier to attach the guide scope to a telescope.

Three adjustment screws for the guide star

The Omegon module finder has three adjustment screws, just like a normal finder scope. These are not only for aligning the guide scope and finder scope with the main telescope, but also serve for pointing at a bright guide star in the field of view.

Also suitable for small telescopes

Do you have a smaller telescope or an instrument on a smaller mount and want to take astronomy photos? Then the Omegon module finder is just job for you - weighing in at around 450g, it is virtually a flyweight for your telescope.

A finder scope that takes normal eyepieces

You can use the finder module both as a finder scope and as a guide scope. When not shooting, you can use it to easily locate astronomical objects, just like with a traditional finder scope. You can use a reticule eyepiece or an eyepiece with a suitable focal length for searching for astronomical objects.

The easy way to perfectly guided astronomy photos - the Omegon module finder.

Our expert comment:

The modular finder-scope has a 1.25 inch opening at the back which allows most guide cameras to be easily connected. But different guide camera models have different back focuses and the modular finder scope's manufacturer does not know in advance which guider the customer will want to use.

A generous back focus has been designed-in for exactly this reason. As a rule, 1 to 2 extenders (product number 33231) will be enough to roughly reach the focal point. It is then clamped on to the 33231 extender. We additionally recommend using a clamping ring (product number 45773) for achieving a reproducible focus position.

Fine focusing is made possible by use of the lens-side adjusting ring.

(Bernd Gährken)



Lens diameter (mm)
Coating of optical system
Multi Coating
Focal length (mm)

Special features

Eyepieces changeable
Oblique viewing position


Type of build

Area of application

Useful for photographs
Omegon Guidescope module finder
Omegon Guidescope module finder

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