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( 4.33 / 5 )
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Camera ASI 120MM Mini Mono

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Product description

ZWO's ASI 120MM Mini Planetary and Guiding Camera turns you into a successful planetary photographer. The improved electronics and the sophisticated software bring out the highest sharpness on the moon and planets. You can also enjoy punctiform stars in long exposure,because the ASI 120MM Mini is a very bright autoguider.

The ASI 120MM Mini Camera for the Moon and Planets: The high resolution of 1280x960 and the fine 3.75μm pixels clear the way for sharp images of objects in the solar system. Due to the high light intensity of the sensor you achieve extremely short exposure times, they can virtually "freeze" the air turbulence (Seeing).

Start video astronomy with the ASI 120MM Mini: With 35 frames per second at full resolution you can produce a beautiful flight over the lunar surface. Or produce ultra-sharp planetary shots in the shortest possible time, using only the most airless pictures from the video.

The ASI 120MM Mini as an effective autoguider: With this camera, autoguiding is made easy. With a weight of only 60 grams, the camera does not burden the focuser any more than a 1.25" eyepiece, even with small guidescopes or with a Off-Axis Guider, the camera will always find a suitable guide star, making punctiform stars the standard even with longer exposure times With the ST-4 interface, you can easily connect the camera to the autoguider port of your mount. The right cable is included with the camera. Drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.



Sensor type
CMOS Chip (AR0130CS)
Resolution Photograph (Pixel)
Pixel size
USB 2.0
Bit depth (Bit)
Active cooling
Connection (to the telescope)
Colour camera
Operating temperature
-5 - 45
Max. exposure time (min)
Min. exposure time
64 µs
Images per second
35 (at full resolution)
Quantal efficiency
75% @500nm
Size of chip (mm)
4,83 x 3,63
Chip - Diagonal (mm)


Filter wheel


Weight (g)
ASI 120

Area of application

AllSky, Meteore
Moon & Planets
Nebulae & galaxies

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ZWO Camera ASI 120MM Mini Mono
Quantal efficiency
ZWO Camera ASI 120MM Mini Mono
ZWO Camera ASI 120MM Mini Mono
ZWO Camera ASI 120MM Mini Mono
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Customer reviews

The perfect autoguider?

Review by N. E. on 15.08.2020 12:35:54

( 5 / 5 )

I shall start with saying this is the first and to date only autoguider I've ever used. With that said however, I strongly recommend this handy little camera as it worked perfectly off the bat. I bought it together with the Omegon 60mm guide scope, which turned out to be a perfect combination for my 200PDS newtonian. The overall quality is remarkable, and it is very light and affordable. It is very easy to use with ASICAP and PHD2 and even dithering works great in ATP.

I have tried it for planetary imaging, and it works well there too. It is a shame the sensor is monochrome, but the small pixel size and sensor results in high-res images with lots of detail.

Works well but watch out for compatibility issues

Review by TomBee on 07.11.2020 14:51:25

( 4 / 5 )

This cam works well on my configuration with an Orion 50mm guidescope on top of me 150/750 newton and HEQ5.
But I have had some major issues installing drivers on some newer laptops with USB3 (and even USB2).
And I am not alone.

When used with old laptops and ASIAIR PRO it works perfect.

Unstable on StellarMate (Linux in general)

Review by stefanrehder on 08.10.2019 19:58:29

( 4 / 5 )

It seems like a great camera, but be warned that ZWO ASI USB 2.0 cameras have different kinds of issues with StellarMate (Linux in general). I expect this camera to work perfectly on a ZWO ASIair but I had to return it since i use StellarMate. Because of this I can only give 4 stars.

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