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( 4.67 / 5 )
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StarSense module including hand controller

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Product description

StarSense AutoAlign: The most exciting new development for many years - this technique has revolutionized amateur astronomy!

'SkyProdigy' technology for retrofitting to almost any Celestron GoTo telescope! For alt-azimuth mounted telescopes it allows alignment without GPS, without having to enter coordinates, without having to align with the North Pole and to level, and without the hassle of having to use alignment stars. The telescope is ready to use in just three minutes - without the user needing to input anything, and without any prior knowledge of stars or astronomy required. Just turn it on, wait 3 minutes and you can slew to any visible celestial object at the push of a button!

The secret of the StarSense technology is a small camera module which is mounted on the telescope and functions as a finder. It takes 3 wide angle photos of different areas of the sky and the StarSense hand controller then analyzes these photos and calculates the position of other objects in the night sky. This so-called professional 'plate solving' technology has been brought onto the market by Celestron and made available to amateur astronomers at an affordable price for the first time.

The StarSense module is part of the StarSense hand controller, both of which are included in the price.

The StarSense module can be used with almost all GoTo alt-azimuth and equatorial mounts from the last 10 years. The StarSense module has a lot of advantages when used with equatorial mounts. Although polar alignment is still required, this can be carried out in just a few minutes using the new Celestron 'AllStar' procedure, which can use any star! Simply enter location and time, select and find a star from the database, bring it into the centre of the crosshairs, using the azimuth and elevation adjustments, and you have finished! StarSense then employs its fully automatic '3-minute plate solving procedure' for establishing the precise orientation, without any additional input from the user required, as for alt-azimuth mounts. The complicated, tedious finding and centering of guide stars is no longer required. Another advantage of StarSense is an extreme improvement in the positioning accuracy by the T-point procedure.

In a similar way to some high-end mounts, many stars can be 'mapped', i.e. positioned exactly in the center of the crosshairs and the exact location confirmed with 'Enter'. Using 10 mapped stars (which should be distributed as widely as possible over the entire visible part of the sky), positioning accuracy is extremely good.




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Celestron StarSense module including hand controller
Celestron StarSense module including hand controller

Typical application 1

Celestron StarSense module including hand controller

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Customer reviews

Fantastic accessory

Review by [email protected] on 22.04.2016 00:32:24

( 5 / 5 )

I use the StarSense with my NexStar 8 Evo. I don't use the hand control anymore, as the SS is now compatible with the SkyPortal app. Alignment is fast and successful every time.
This gadget has minimised hassle and maximised my effective observation time :-)

Accurate and Reliable Product

Review by WDGH on 23.03.2015 19:12:16

( 5 / 5 )

I've been using this for a few weeks now and so far, I'm very happy with the Starsense. I have it fitted to my Celestron Nexstar Evo 9.25" goto mount. The Starsense (SS) automates the alignment process and is more accurate than the Skyportal - eyepiece method. SS comes with its own Hand Controller (HC) which replaced the GOTO HC, at least on Celestron computerised scopes.

If the area of sky it looks at are obstructed then SS reports "Too few stars", moves to a new position and tries again - and again until it succeeds. The alignment seems to work in very poor conditions I would not have reasonably expected it to. Once alignment is done, its very accurate and reliable.

Disappointedly, the SS is not currently interoperable with the Skyportal app, you have to chose to use one or the other, you cannot swap systems without realignment each time. Celetron claim they are working to resolve this. Notwithstanding this restriction, SS is a good product which I chose to use in preference to the Skyportal app most of the time, at least for astrophotography.

Review by anonymous on 18.02.2016 21:57:56

( 4 / 5 )

A great way for an easy alignment, even when the sky is obstructed by building or trees and whatnot (as in my backyard) . In this case you can opt for a manual alignment. Just pick 3 clear portions of sky, let the camera take the pictures and the integrated computer will calculate the exact position of the mount. Love this one on my alt az mount.

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