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Microstage II

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Product description

... and, when everything else fails...

for example if you want to use a small digital camera without a lens thread for afocal projection photography, then simply get hold of a Baader Microstage II which can solve just about every camera adapter problem!

It can be attached to any eyepiece with a diameter of 29 mm to 62 mm. Cameras of up to 1 kg in weight can be mounted on the Microstage II. The camera sits on a stage which is adjustable in all directions, rather similar to adjusting the stage on a microscope, allowing you to position the optical axis of any small digital camera centrally behind the eyepiece.

Despite its robust construction, it is lightweight at only 290gm and can be stored in any accessory case in just a few seconds due to its extremely compact 175x120x26mm dimensions.

In addition, the Microstage II can be swivelled away from the eyepiece, if you need to focus for example. The Microstage II will then swivel back to exactly its previous position.

With the Baader MicroStage II, vignetting with eyepiece projection is a thing of the past. Finally, you can use digital cameras in combination with eyepieces of sufficiently large exit pupil. As a result, it is possible to create images that fill the entire format - for example, of the lunar surface - without the irritating dark corners.

Our expert comment:

There are numerous ways of connecting digital cameras with fixed lenses to telescopes. - Good and bad.

The most flexible option is the Microstage II

The best results are obtained when the eye lens of the eyepiece used is as large as possible. The MicroStage II can also be used with 2 inch eyepieces! The bracket is well thought-out and of surprisingly robust design. With many other adapters, you can either observe or take photos but not both. The correct camera orientation always needs to be readjusted. Not so with the MicroStage II - it has a mechanism that allows the camera to be swung to the side for visual observing and then accurately re-positioned in the original position for taking photos. The MicroStage II not only works on all telescopes with 1.25 inch and 2 inch eyepieces, but also with all spotting scopes and many binoculars.



Connection ( to eyepiece)
Universal - clamping diameter 29 - 62 mm
Load capacity (kg)
Appropriate for camera objective diameter (mm)
Optical length (mm)


Camera bracket
Type of build
digital camera bracket
Baader Microstage II
Baader Microstage II
Baader Microstage II
Baader Microstage II

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