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2'' - 1.25'' Twist-lock adapter

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Product description

Omegon 1.25" / 2" Twist-lock adapter - firmly and gently holds and centres your eyepieces

You know the situation - you've clamped your precious eyepiece using the locking screw on the focuser. But instead of sitting precisely in place, it is tilted or even worse - the screw marks and damages the barrel. But this doesn't need to happen, there is a solution: the Twist-Lock adapter.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • self-centring 2" to 1.25" adapter with 2" thread
  • one twist, and your accessories sit firmly in place
  • gentle clamping over a large area

For 1.25 "accessories - self-centring 2" adapter

Put your 1.25" eyepieces or other accessories one: Turn the lock-ring and your eyepiece now sits firmly anchored in place.

Your eyepiece no longer needs its safety groove as the adapter now clamps it over a large area of around 15mm.

1.25" eyepiece with 2" adapter - permanently locked

You can also use the 2 "to 1.25" adapter as a permanent 2" barrel for example.

Suppose you are observing with some 2" eyepieces but also have a favourite 1.25" eyepiece you want to use. Instead of constantly having to fiddle around with adapters, you could simply use this adapter together with the eyepiece and use it with a fixed 2" barrel.

2" filter thread

Use Twist Lock adapter as a high-end reduction ring. It is gentle with the accessories and yet clamps them in place with incredible force.

Save money when buying filters - A 2" filter thread offers the option of using a 2" screwed filter, even when using a 1.25" eyepiece.



Connection (to the telescope)
Connector (other end)
Optical length (mm)

Special features

Filter thread


Ring clamp


Height (mm)
Gesamthöhe 38mm (optischer Weg 13mm)
Weight (g)
Aluminium (anodised)
black / yellow
Type of build
Extension & reduction adaptors
Overall size LxWxH (mm)
Omegon 2'' - 1.25'' Twist-lock adapter
Omegon 2'' - 1.25'' Twist-lock adapter
Omegon 2'' - 1.25'' Twist-lock adapter

Customer reviews

Super sturdy twist-lock adapter

Review by E. P. on 10.07.2017 19:38:51

( 5 / 5 )

I was on the hunt for a replacement visual back for my Celestron C6, because I think the stock one is slightly on the flimsy side.
I quickly found out that, if you want to stay with the 1.25" size and have something with a twist-lock, you have to use two adapters. So I decided to pair a Baader 2" SC Click-Lock with this Omegon adapter, and what a combination it is. The omegon is really sturdy, and a quick, grippy twist centres and locks whatever you attach to it firmly into place. It's just as easy to release again.
It is very well put together, and is a vast improvement compared to the original visual back; there's no longer any danger of my eyepiece stack slipping or of anything becoming marked by thumbscrews.
Many thanks to Astroshop for being so helpful, it was most enjoyable ordering from you. Am very happy, highly recommended!

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