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Omegon Mount Montierung EQ-500 X Drive

Product no.: 56115
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon Mount Montierung EQ-500 X Drive
Omegon Mount Montierung EQ-500 X Drive
Omegon Mount Montierung EQ-500 X Drive
Omegon Mount Montierung EQ-500 X Drive
Omegon Mount Montierung EQ-500 X Drive

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Product description:

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The Omegon EQ-500 X Drive is the ideal all-round telescope mount for demanding beginners and advanced amateur astronomers. The affordable mount carries small and medium-sized telescopes for both visual and photographic applications. A simple assembly and uncomplicated controls allow a quick start into the observation night.

Motorized tracking: The Omegon EQ-500 X Drive is a tracking mount and automatically compensates for the Earth's rotation. Making observations very comfortable, as it is not necessary to continuously slew the telescope by hand. For visual use, a quick and rough alignment to the pole is sufficient.

Motors on both axes: You can move the telescope using the four handy direction keys on the handbox without having to turn your gaze away from the eyepiece. Different motor speeds enable you to switch between rapid or high-precision movements across the night sky.

Astrophotography: Tracking is a prerequisite for astrophotography. Long exposures of nebulae or galaxies can only be achieved if the Earth's rotation is compensated completely. The stepper motors with precise microsteps enable this due to their smooth run. In addition, an (not included) pole finder can be used to make tracking even more effective through a precise polar alignment.

Sturdy tripod: The height-adjustable stainless steel tripod is much more stable than common aluminum tripods. The robust spreader plate also serves as secure shelf for seven 1.25" eyepieces and two 2" eyepieces.

Included: 2 counterweights (2.5 kg)

Coming soon: (The following features are still in the test phase and are expected to be available in summer 2019. An update of already purchased mounts is not necessary). GoTo via PC, smartphone or tablet! The mount can be connected directly to a (separately available) StellarMate or ZWO ASAIR via a supplied USB cable. This turns the Omegon EQ-500 X Drive into a WiFi GoTo telescope! Use for example SkySafari on your smartphone to select an object in the night sky and slew automatically towards it with the telescope. Without additonal devices, a direct connection of the mount to a PC is also possible via USB. ASCOM drivers allow the control of the telescope. Autoguiding through ASCOM or INDI - an ST4 interface is not required.

Perfect for beginners: the EQ-500 X features a stepper motor on both axes and automatically tracks celestial objects. So you don't have to worry about tracking, instead just enjoy your observation.
The EQ-500 X Drive can accommodate a telescope with a diameter of up to 200mm, but nevertheless is portable. For everyone who enjoys gazing deep into the sky, and who wants to photograph it as well.
Stainless steel tripod: also ensures a high degree of stability. Together with the mount: a solid base for all your observations.

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