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Baader Eyepiece clamp ClickLock 1 ¼ "/T-2i

Product no.: 10586
Manufacturer: Baader

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Baader Eyepiece clamp ClickLock 1 ¼ "/T-2i
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Product description:

Baader 1.25"/T-2i ClickLock eyepiece clamp

Never before has an eyepiece holder been so meticulously crafted for amateur astronomy.

Seven precision-milled parts combine to produce a remarkably effective retaining mechanism, which securely retains any 1.25" eyepiece. This eyepiece clamp includes a fine focusing thread with which an eyepiece (or CCD camera) can be sensitively focused.

If you completely unscrew the micro-focusing ring an exterior T-2 thread is exposed, which can be used to attach a T-2 extension tube, T-ring, digital T-adapter, or digital camera.

This lets any 1.25" eyepiece be changed in a jiffy - and focused too!

There is no screw in the way anymore to get hung up on in the dark, and the clamp only needs to be rotated a small amount, meaning a very small hand movement is sufficient - never was an eyepiece clamp easier to use!

Heavy CCD cameras can also be extremely securely attached, with only a slightly greater tightening force required!

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