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Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic safety Herschel prism V

Product no.: 16816
Manufacturer: Baader

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Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic safety Herschel prism V
Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic safety Herschel prism V
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Product description:

2" Herschel safety wedge with ceramic solar finder and 2" ClickLock eyepiece clamp - there is no better way for uncompromising sharp solar observing / photography in white light. Version 'V' stands for visual applications and version 'P' for photographic use.

As is well known, the way a Herschel wedge works is based on the principle of employing only a small fraction (4.6%) of the incoming light for actual observing. The much larger, high-energy, fraction goes straight through the housing and forms a focal point in mid-air. Even far behind this point of focus the concentration of light remains irritatingly bright, so that caution must be exercised and you must ensure that no inexperienced observer accidentally (or deliberately) looks into the outgoing beam.

The advantages of our newly developed unit

Space technology:

  • A heat-absorbing special ceramic at the end of the light trap absorbs - as with the heat tiles on the space shuttle - the radiant heat without putting too much to heat into the surroundings. The sealed case prevents any danger of glare.

  1. Solar finder:

  • the same ceramic plate also acts as a screen for the solar light beam. Positioning the Sun's image in the centre of the field of view of the telescope is simplicity itself.

  1. ClickLock eyepiece clamp:

  • 15 ° rotation of the clamp locates each eyepiece completely securely - even in winter with thick gloves on.

  1. Built-in filter holder:

  • a 2" threaded ring connects the eyepiece clamp of the prism housing, and doubles as a removable holder for two 2" filters

Includes 2" ND 3.0 neutral density filter and 2" solar continuum filter.

NEW: including transport case!

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