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Lunt Solar Systems 1.25" 7.2mm - 21.5mm zoom eyepiece

Product no.: 17812
Manufacturer: Lunt Solar Systems

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Lunt Solar Systems 1.25" 7.2mm - 21.5mm zoom eyepiece
Lunt Solar Systems 1.25" 7.2mm - 21.5mm zoom eyepiece

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Product description:

Zoom Eyepiece 7,2mm - 21,5mm

Lunt Solar Systems continues to do everything possible to match the quality of each optical component in our Lunt Systems for maximum performance. For our visual observers we have designed a very high quality Zoom eyepiece with specs that we feel best match our products. The advantage of this Zoom eyepiece is that the optical layout has been designed to offer the highest quality views of the Sun, while also performing well on night sky objects.

We have minimized the internal reflections thru the use of specialty thinfim multicoatings, an internal baffle system, and blackening of the lens edges. Our Zoom is not the widest field Zoom on the market, we preferred the optimization of optical performance over increased field width. Our Zoom eyepiece is practically parfocal, from one end to the other end of the zooming you need <0.5 mm ( 0.020 inch) to achieve refocus.

The sun and stars are sharp across the entire FOV having no visible distortion, we have never seen a more perfect correction in any other zoom eyepiece regardless of price. Our Zoom has the added comfort of a multi height adjustable eyeguard to help shield your eye from daylight reflections and to help you to find the perfect eye relief.

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