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Orion Eyepiece Ultra-Flat Field 10mm 65° 1.25"

Product no.: 63447
Manufacturer: Orion

$ 117.00

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Focal length (mm) Price
15 $ 153.00
24 $ 235.00
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Product description:

The "UltraFlat Field Eyepiece features a high quality standard and a very compact design, which is designed to remove the field curvature at the edge, resulting in a flat, distortion-free image up to the edge of the visible field of view, even in very fast telesocpes.

The eyepiece has over - sized eyepiece lenses for the largest possible field of view and a high eyerelief - also suitable for spectacle wearers, the eye-rubber allow a comfortable view.

All lenses have a braod-band-multicoating (FMC) and blackened lens edges. The plug-in sleeve is equipped with a thread for "filters.

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