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Masketo Face mask cotton black

Product no.: 66091
Manufacturer: Masketo

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Masketo Face mask cotton black
Masketo Face mask cotton black
Masketo Face mask cotton black
Masketo Face mask cotton black
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Product description:

For every mask order we will transfer 1 euro to "Doctors Without Borders". In the corona crisis the humanitarian organization fights against death and for life in more than 50 countries.

With this useful mask you reduce the spread of droplets, and so you can save lives in the corona crisis.

The reusable fabric mask, made of 100% cotton, is washable at 60°C. The integrated nose clip and elastic loops ensure a comfortable and secure fit. It is recommended that the mask is washed before wearing for the first time.

When should the mask be worn?

A face mask is recommended whenever you are on the move in a public space. In particular in places where it is difficult to avoid other people, for example at work, in the supermarket or on public transport. By wearing the mask you reduce the probability of infecting other people. A small measure with a big effect!

Do the masks protect?

Fundamentally, these masks do not serve to protect the individual, but instead the well-being of others nearby. If all fellow citizens are considerate and wear these masks, it reduces the risk of transmitting corona- and other viruses for the whole of society. This is because these pathogens are spread in droplets which are emitted, for example, when talking, coughing or sneezing. So by wearing the mask you reduce the risk to other people of infection from your germs.

Leave the medical masks to those who really need them!

Doctors, nurses, paramedics and other emergency personnel need medical masks to save lives without putting themselves at risk. Such medical masks are scarce and should not be wasted on normal everyday use. However, for the everyday reduction of the spread of viruses these fabric masks are perfectly adequate!

Made in Germany

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