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Product description

Askar´s filter drawer allows filter changes to as little as 18 mm and provides maximum versatility for astrophotography.

The multifunctional filter changer consists of:

  • The base element to which the adapters on the camera and telescope sides are connected. This base element also accommodates the filter holders.
  • The filter holders with inserts for all common filter sizes. Three filter holders are supplied: one for 1.25" and 31 mm filters, one for 36 mm filters and one for 2" and 50 mm filters.
  • The telescope-side adapters with M42x0.75 (T2), M48x0.75 and M54x0.75 female thread
  • The adapters on the camera side with M42x0.75 (T2), M48x0.75 and M54x0.75 male thread
  • Suitable screws to fix the unmounted filters are also included.



Connection (to the telescope)
T2, M48, M54
Connector (at camera end)
T2, M48, M54
Optical length (mm)


Type of build
Filter holder

Recommended accessories

Astrophotography (1)

Askar Off-Axis-Guider T2/M48/M54

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Askar Filter drawer
Askar Filter drawer
Example of use

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