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Product no.: 70775

Pole finder Polarscope for CEM/SkyGuider/SkyTracker

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Product description

iOptron AccuAlignTM dark filed illuminated polar scope designed for iEQ30/45 mount. It can be used for:

  • iEQ30
  • iEQ45
  • iEQ30 Pro
  • iEQ45 Pro

The polar finder is simply screwed into the back of the mount. Correct alignment of the mount can be achieved within a very short time with this improved polar finder. As the celestial North Pole (to which the telescope mount must be aligned) does not exactly coincide with the position of the Pole Star, using this polar finder is very important. The viewfinder arrangement has been further improved, with precision alignment now possible allowing long exposure photography to be done.



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Type of build
Pole finder
iOptron Pole finder Polarscope for CEM/SkyGuider/SkyTracker

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