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Geoptik Flatfield Generator 308mm

Product no.: 67306
Manufacturer: Geoptik

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Geoptik Flatfield Generator 308mm
Geoptik Flatfield Generator 308mm
Geoptik Flatfield Generator 308mm
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Product description:

Geoptik Flat Field Generator - The generator perfect for astrophotography

Those involved in digital astrophotography eventually and inevitably stumble on the concept of a 'flat field'. A 'normal' CCD image made ​​through a telescope will always have image errors. Astrophotographers virtually always have to struggle with different aperture illumination from the imaging optics, dirt on the chip and internal reflections that degrade the image quality.

The elegant solution

The Flat Field Geoptik unit now allows you to eliminate these unsightly artefacts. It can even eliminate unevenness resulting from differences in the sensitivity of the individual camera chip pixels.

How to use it

The Geoptik Flat Field Generator is simply positioned in front of the telescope aperture and turned on. The built-in flat screen produces a brightly illuminated, absolutely homogeneous, area. The optimum condition for producing a bright-field image

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • very easy to use
  • homogeneously illuminated area for an optimal flat field
  • 12 V connection for a power supply
  • plastic housing
  • compact and convenient - screen, lighting and power source combined in one unit

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