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Lacerta Flatfield Generator FFB20 200mm (8")

Product no.: 58433
Manufacturer: Lacerta

$ 127.00

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Product description:

The Lacerta flatfield generator is used to create flats, which are necessary for the accurate calibration of astrofotos. The vignetting (darker edge) and shadows of dust particles can thus be eliminated. This is not only aesthetically necessary, but only a perfectly flat image can be stretched so strongly that weak signals are visible.

The special feature of the flatfield generator is that it provides a very color neutral light, so the color channels are equally saturated, and this is the ideal basis for a successful flat. Furthermore, the illumination is extremely uniform.

The LEDs do not flicker in the mains frequency, which means that much shorter exposure times can also be used, eg 1 / 100sec.

The flatfield genorator has a standard 12V connection on the back, f.e. for the included cigarette lighter cable.

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