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Lunt Solar Systems Lunt 2" Crayford focuser for LS152THa telescopes

Product no.: 33267
Manufacturer: Lunt Solar Systems

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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

The Lunt 2 "Crayford focuser - the nighttime observation with your solar telescope

You can replace the H-alpha telescope system LS152THa a few easy steps against this focuser. This means that even possible observations on the night sky - with the same telescope! This focuser with matching tube adapter was specially designed telescope for the LS152THa H-alpha. On LS152THa be easily solved three thumbscrews that hold the unit together with the H-alpha focuser. Here then the new focuser is fixed, and you have made your LS152T a full astronomical telescope. But this is not all: With the new focuser the LS152T can also be used for observing the Sun in white light with a Lunt 2 "Herschel wedge, the eyepiece is also set with a Calcium-K (Ca! K) module available (LS152TCaKMD).

Note: Can only be used together with a LS152THa Solar Telescope.

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