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TS Optics 2“ Crayford focuser for Newtonians, 1:10 reduction ratio

Product no.: 1471
Manufacturer: TS Optics

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Product description:

2" Crayford focuser with 1:10 micro transmission for Newtonian telescopes

This focuser offers best value for your money. It runs very smooth even under high load up to 2.5 kg. Compared with simple rack & pinion focusers, the "Foc N2" is a really improvement. Many amateur astronomers use this focuser to retrofit their telescopes.

Mounting to the OTA:
The focuser comes with a versatile four-hole mounting plate. The horizontal bore distance is 70mm, the vertical bore distance is 72mm.

The 1:10 micro transmission:
enables you to perform very precise movements of the drawtube. Turning the 1:10 focus knob by 10° moves the focuser by only 0.038mm. This is good enough even for fast systems with highly resolving sensors.

Scope of delivery:
2" Crayford focuser with universal adapter plate; 2" - 1.25" reducer with brass clamping ring

Adjusting the focuser's tension:
The knurled screw on the eyepiece side adjusts for the focuser's tension. The heavier the load is, the stronger this screw has to be engaged in order to prevent the focuser from slipping.

Fixing the position:
Astro photographers will like this feature. When the knurled screw on the telescope side is tightened, the focusing mechanism is disengaged and the drawtube is locked; thus preventing the focuser from unintended moving.

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