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noctutec Focusing Mask easy-sharp 6"

Product no.: 55688
Manufacturer: noctutec

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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

The focus mask "easy-sharp" guarantees ideal sharpness for astrophotography .

If you point the telescope at a star with the "easy-sharp" focusing mask, you can see three stars with three 120 ° offset spikes in lifeview or on a laptop. The closer you get to the focus, the more the stars move towards each other. If you have reached the ideal focus, there is an overlay. Six very fine spikes are visible. The focus point is ideally set.

Thanks to the large openings in the mask, this works very well even with weaker stars.

The mask is easy to use and quickly brings perfect results. No longer get annoyed about poorly judged, wriggling diffraction lines, as are known with other masks on sparkling stars, or with moderate horizon sightseeing. With "easy-sharp" it just gets sharp. Tested and recommended by experienced astrophotographers.

The mask is suitable for everyone on GSO / Omegon based systems.

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