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Leica Rangefinder Pinmaster II Pro

Product no.: 50203
Manufacturer: Leica

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Leica Rangefinder Pinmaster II Pro
Leica Rangefinder Pinmaster II Pro
Leica Rangefinder Pinmaster II Pro
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Product description:

Leica Pinmaster II and Pinmaster II Pro
The Leica Pinmaster family combines more than 100 years of premium optics and 25 years of pioneering achievement in distance determination. This makes these laser rangefinders the perfect tools to hit every green in regulation. Leica makes use of its position as world market leader in premium compact rangefinding and adapts these skills perfectly to the demands of golf.

With its magnification factor of 7x and its crystal clear image, the Leica Pinmaster are perfectly adjusted to all the demands on the golf course: the carbon-fibre-reinforced body is so light and compact that the Leica Pinmaster do not only fit into every hand but also into every golf bag. And with the patented AquaDura® coating dirt and rain simply roll off. This makes the Pinmasters your perfect companions on every round of golf.

  • ACD™ Technology
    Angle Compensated Distance™ (ACD) is the perfect extra for your daily practice at the driving range or when playing a round on the course. The Leica Pinmaster II takes sloping terrain into account to provide a second distance corrected for the slope. But ACD™ has much more to offer: When calculating the corrected distance, the Leica Pinmaster II Pro takes not only the slope of the terrain into account, but also the distance-dependent trajectory of the golf ball.
  • Exact measurement
    Your measurement shouldn’t take much longer than your swing. Wrong, non-reproducible measuring results, repeated measurements due to vague target identification and badly readable dark displays spoil the pleasure of the game. Thanks to the specifically developed Leica First Target Logic the Leica Pinmaster II always hits the right target on a single press of a button: the flag, and not the tree behind it.´
  • Brilliant image, compact form
    The brilliant red LED-display adapts automatically to the ambient light conditions. So it can be read off quickly and safely in any situation of the game. No matter whether you play golf in bright sunshine, at the break of dawn in the fog or even in the rain – the display is always adjusted perfectly to the ambient light. That way, the Pinmaster II always guarantees a crystal clear and natural visual experience. Your search for the next hazard or the flag won’t be disturbed by any distracting, permanently illuminated display.
  • Reliable companion on the green
    The Leica Pinmaster II features impressive optics in two ways: On the one hand Leica has always set the standards in the manufacturing of high-performance optics. The Pinmaster II is the next product from Wetzlar taking on this legacy. The magnification factor of 7x and the outstanding image performance show the real Leica genes in the Pinmaster II. But the Pinmaster doesn’t only impress by its optical performance but also by its outer appearance. With its elegant, carbon-fibre-reinforced body it is a real eye-catcher on any golf course and will always do you credit in any flight.
  • Ready to go in a flash
    A real hole-in-one: the metre/yard switch lets you toggle effortlessly between the different measurements. So now, the choice of the most suitable club, from wedge to driver, and optimum swing can be made without any need for guesswork - anywhere in the world.
Switchable ACD technology corrects the range for inclination and impact angle.

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