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Observatory dome, 5.5m diameter

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Product description

Assembly service: We offer a complete turnkey installation service. For more information please use the "Contact Customer Service" button.

5.5 Metre Observatory - fully automated!

A permanently mounted telescope in its own observatory dome - your own private observatory. That is the dream of many amateur astronomers. The observatory turns this dream into a reality that is easily within your grasp.

Persuasive Quality
This observatory dome is made from 10mm thick glass polyester laminate, which guarantees complete protection against all environmental conditions and simultaneously provides a high level of stability, with longevity guaranteed. Special reinforcement on the inside of the construction provides an additional increase in stability. The water-tightness of the dome is guaranteed by the special design of the joints, which prevent ingress of water to the inside the dome. A large air gap in the base and the light colour of the dome prevent excessive heating up.

View to the Stars
The large observing slot, with a width of 1.6m, allows unhindered observing for telescopes with diameters of up to 155 cm (about 60”). The observing slot has been designed in such a way that an unobstructed view right up to the zenith is possible using the telescope. Problem-free rotation of the dome is taken care of by the rollable base, which is carried on 16 plastic rollers.

Simple Design
The dome consists of 9 basic parts, which greatly facilitates transport to and assembly on higher buildings. The 8 page instruction book, in English and German, makes assembling the observatory straightforward. It may, however, be necessary to obtain a building permit for this structure; please inquire at the building authority responsible. We also offer the option of a complete assembly service from the manufacturer, providing you with a ready-to-use observatory.

The dome comes equipped for completely automated rotation and opening and closing of the viewing slot. In addition, it is possible to completely remotely control the dome via the Internet. The software can be connected with some weather stations (e.g. the Boltwood Cloud Sensor), so making weather-dependent control of the dome possible - even if you are sitting in your study or living room.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • modular construction kit of multiple elements
  • quicker, simpler assembly
  • highly transportable
  • high weather resistance and durability
  • observing at the zenith possible
  • aesthetic design
  • weight approx. 1200kg
  • motor control via PC

  • Technical data:
  • base diameter: 5.0m
  • height: 4.1m
  • weight: approx. 1200kg
  • observing slot dimensions: 270x160cm

Delivery: Due to the size and weight of this item, the actual delivery costs (for supply by shipping company) are worked out individually according to the delivery address and will differ from the amount indicated in the shopping cart.

Please note that, due to size of the dome, it must be delivered by a shipping company and the driver is not allowed to unload it himself due to legal reasons. Unloading of the dome usually requires several people. Alternatively, we also offer a complete turnkey assembly service which includes unloading.



Diameter of the dome (m)
Total height (m)
Aperture Width (cm)
Height of the Wall (m)


Total weight (kg)

Recommended accessories

Mountings & accessories (1)

Baader Network cable with ColdTemp-specified CAT 7 cable, 5m

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ScopeDome Observatory dome, 5.5m diameter
ScopeDome Observatory dome, 5.5m diameter
ScopeDome Observatory dome, 5.5m diameter

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