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Kit The Sun Projector

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Product description

This handy accessory permits convenient and completely safe observing of sunspots, planetary transits and eclipses for several people at the same time. A solar filter is not required as, thanks to sophisticated optics, the view is only that of a projected image of the sun.

The size of the solar image produced is either 75 or 55mm and can be easily viewed at right angles to incident sunlight - very handy when sun is high up!

The optics consists of a 2-element glass achromatic lens of 30mm diameter and 250mm focal length, which can be stopped down to 12mm in 5 stages, an interchangeable optical unit with two convex mirrors of -10 or -14mm focal length and a plane mirror made ​​of acrylic glass.

The solar projector sits on a Dobsonian base and can be adjusted to any elevation between 0° and 90°. Two built-in quadrants enable it to determine the elevation of the sun.

The entire unit is only 20x20x25cm in size and can hence fit into any bookcase.

A stamped kit from a sturdy 350g carton, with a lovingly decorated design in gold print.


AstroMedia Kit The Sun Projector
AstroMedia Kit The Sun Projector
AstroMedia Kit The Sun Projector
AstroMedia Kit The Sun Projector

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