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Astrodon Filters Tru-Balance LRGB Gen2 E-series filter, 31mm

Product no.: 52868
Manufacturer: Astrodon

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Astrodon Filters Tru-Balance LRGB Gen2 E-series filter, 31mm
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Product description:

In the case that this article currently is not available from the warehouse, please note the following: we order from this supplier in regular intervals. Please place your order now, so that we may take into account your order and deliver the article to you by the above-mentioned date. If you need the article earlier, we can rush it for you for an additional price. In this case, please contact our customer service department.

The E-Series filters were designed for cameras containing the full-frame Kodak KAF8300, KAF3200, KAF6303, KAF16803 sensors. They are also a good choice for the latest Sony and back-thinned sensor.

The E-Series red filter is a deep red filter about 60 nanometer wide, which excludes much of the light pollution from high pressure sodium street lamps. Other filter suppliers try to "force fit" their orange filter (designed for the interline KAI11000, KAI2000 sensors) for use with these full-frame sensors. Their orange filter is about twice as wide spectrally as Astrodon's deep red filter. As a result, their orange filter tends to "wash out" HII regions in galaxies and detail in nebula. Their blue and green color weights are no longer balanced and as a result, the OIII color in planetary nebula is skewed strongly toward blue, rather than the correct teal color. These are the reasons why Astrodon designed E- and I-Series filters for these different classes of cameras for optimum results.

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