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Astronomik Filters MC-Clear 1,25'' (M28,5)

Product no.: 57607
Manufacturer: Astronomik

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This product is available in the following variants:
Frame Price
1,25" $ 55.00
2" $ 96.00
Clip-Filters $ 132.00
T2 $ 84.00
Astronomik Filters MC-Clear 1,25'' (M28,5)
Product description
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Product description:

This Multicoated (MC) glass serves as dust protector or to keep your system parfocal with other Astronomik filters.

This filter should be used if the focal plane of your imaging system should stay in the same place as with other Astronomik filters in place. The multicoating prevents you from unwanted reflections. It blocks neither IR nor UV.

The second main application is dust protection of your system (telescope or camera). As the filter doesn’t modify the spectral transmittance of your system it doesn’t alter the colors. It’s great for keeping all dust away from your optics or sensor.

Lots of Astronomik MC Clear filters in custom diameters are sold to camera manufacturers worlwide. They like the great coating and scratch resistance!

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