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Optolong Filters UBVRI set photometric 36x2

Product no.: 59439
Manufacturer: Optolong

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Product description:

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Optolong UBVRI photometric filter set - unmounted

This photometric UBVRI set contains five filters in the dimensions Ø 36x2mm ultraviolet (U), blue (B), visual (V), red (R) and infrared (I). The set is made of quality branded glass, which is coated several times to ensure scratch resistance and exactly lying central wavelength by means of ion-beam-based deposition.

Quality Materials:

Brand glass from Germany as a substrate, 36mm diameter, 2mm thick

Multilayer antireflective coating applied by electron beam evaporation and ion beam assisted coating

quality finish

Filter substrates polished optically on both sides up to 1/4 lambda and under 30 arc seconds non-parallelism

Polish quality 60/40 according to MIL-O-13830

Uniform and accurate coating method which ensures both high transmission in the passbands and high optical density in the off-band ranges

Each filter is supplied with a plastic box with EVA padding.

Please note that this filter may never be used as the sole sun filter!

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