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Triton Aluminium tripod FLX-2

Product no.: 4780
Manufacturer: Triton

$ 96.00

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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

The Triton FLX-2 is from the exterior, as well as the functionality of the FEX-1 identical, but the dimensions are a little leaner. So it's ideal for any portable nature photographers and wildlife watchers.

Detailed information:
... this tripod is applicable to almost all areas of photography
... The center column has top and bottom of a thread can be mounted on the head - ideal for macro photography or parallel photography
... the legs are (single) adjustable in different angles
... the tripod can be loaded up with equipment 4.5kg
... extendible rod means fixed at any height
... max. Height (without head) about 152 cm
... min. Working height for macro photography about 7.5 cm (eg, when a head of the center column is attached below)
... Transport length collapsed only about 56 inches long
... Weight only 2.1 kg
... Connecting thread for heads 3 / 8 "- it can be almost any head with the 3 / 8" thread to be screwed on this stand

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