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Adapter EOS-Clip / M48

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Product description

Just another small but very usefull adapter: Use your Astronomik EOS Clip-Filter with all your eyepieces or even with a cooled CCD camera!

The new EOS-Clip-to-M48 Adapter accepts your Clip-filters and offers you the standard M48 thread for 2" filters: Clip-your filter into the adapter and use it with all eyepieces, prisms, mirrors or reducing adapters from 2" to 1,25".

For a very small investment you get a vast range of applications for your Astronomik Clip-Filters.


Astronomik Adapter EOS-Clip / M48

Customer reviews

Convert your clip in to 2" filters

Review by Euripides on 24.02.2021 18:34:02

( 5 / 5 )

If you wanna use your clip-in filters with a CMOS camera, filter adapter etc, this product is for you.

I use it with the Artesky Adapter Canon to CMOS with Filter Drawer
and I am pleased that I can use all my filters and not have to buy them again.

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