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TeleFokus 135

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This product is available in the following variants:
Diameter (mm) Price
105 $ 97.00
135 $ 109.00

Product description

Microfocuser for standard camera lenses - fine focusing mechanism and focus lock

The TS Optics TeleFokus was created to solve an everyday problem of astro imaging. Focusing astro images precisely can be extremely difficult. The focusing mechanism of standard camera lenses is not really up to the task. A very fine movement of the focusing mechanism already changes focus by a larger amount than desired. Even if perfect focus is found it is often lost again because the focus cannot be locked. The TeleFocus can be fitted on most standard lenses and provides both a very fine focusing movement and also a focus lock.

  • Attach one of the two rings to the rear part of the objective which is directly attached to the camera and which does not rotate when focusing.
  • Attache the other ring on the focusing ring of the objective.
  • The focusing ring can now be moved extremely accurately with the two focusing screws - one of the screws provides the movement, the other screw locks it once you have found perfect focus.

The TeleFokus can be adapted to almost all standard camera lenses. The lens only needs to be smaller in mechanical diameter than the TeleFokus. You only need to switch the lens to manual focusing mode (if it is an autofocus lens).

TeleFokus comes in three different versions:

  • TeleFokus 75: for lenses up to 80mm outside diameter
  • TeleFokus 105: for lenses up to 105mm outside diameter
  • Telefokus 135: for lenses up to 135mm outside diameter



Diameter (mm)

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TS Optics TeleFokus motor control

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TS Optics TeleFokus 135

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TS Optics TeleFokus 135

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TS Optics TeleFokus 135
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