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PrimaLuceLab SESTO SENSO 2 robotic focusing motor

Product no.: 64302
Manufacturer: PrimaLuceLab

$ 359.00

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PrimaLuceLab SESTO SENSO 2 robotic focusing motor
PrimaLuceLab SESTO SENSO 2 robotic focusing motor
PrimaLuceLab SESTO SENSO 2 robotic focusing motor
PrimaLuceLab SESTO SENSO 2 robotic focusing motor
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Product description:

SESTO SENSO is one of the best robotic focusing motor for your telescope! Compatible with most focusers, install it in place of the micrometer knob and connect it to any USB port of a Windows computer or the PrimaLuceLab EAGLE to remotely control your focuser without vibration and with high precision. Both the supplied software and an ASCOM driver allow you to easily set up many advanced features that are especially useful for astrophotography. Thanks to the precise control motor with integrated electronics, SESTO SENSO achieves incredible precision of just 0.7 microns!

Compact, lightweight and integrated design. PrimaLuceLab engineers have created the SESTO SENSO robotic focusing motor for telescopes, incorporating all the elements that are usually outside a normal motorized focusing systems. Systems consisting of a motor with separate control box and connecting cables are now of the past, because SESTO SENSO encloses in a compact metal box (dimensions 87 x 60 x 43mm) both the motor and the control electronics. All with the great design PrimaLuceLab creates for all its products.

SESTO SENSO has three ports. One 12V power supply port that powers the motor and integrated electronics. Using the power cable provided in the package, it can be powered by a common cigarette lighter socket. If you have an EAGLE, an optional cable is also available to power it directly through there. A USB connection port is used to connect SESTO SENSO to a control computer (or the EAGLE). A third port allows for connecting an optional temperature sensor. This enables auto focus adjustment procedures with the ambient temperature variation.

Compatible with many focusers. Thanks to its special design, the SESTO SENSO robotic focusing motor is compatible with many focusers. A bushing kit is supplied in the package and you just have to choose the right bushing for your focuser. Another advantage of this design is to be able to easily move SESTO SENSO from one telescope to another.

Compatible models:

  • Hybrid-Drive focusers of PrimaLuceLab AIRY refractors (ED72, APO80, BLACK 80T, ED90, ED100, APO104T, APO120, APO150T)
  • Focusers of OrionOpticsUK VX and CT
  • 2" and 3" focusers of GSO RC telescopes
  • Crayford focusers of SkyWatcher ED80, ED100, ED120 and Newton f/4 - f/5 telescopes
  • Baader SteelTrack focusers
  • Moonlight focusers
  • 2" Feather Touch focusers by Starlight Instruments
  • 2,5" and 3" Feather Touch focusers by Starlight Instruments (by adding the optional 33mm adapter)

ASCOM driver and configuration software. SESTO SENSO has been designed for astrophotography. It comes with SESTO SENSO software that allows you to directly control the focuser and ASCOM drivers, so you can use it with the most popular astrophotography software such as BackyardEOS, BackyardNikon, MaximDL, FocusMax, Voyager, Sequence Generator Pro and others. If the recording software supports more focusers, you can also use several SESTO SENSOs at the same time. SESTO SENSO software allows you to adjust various advanced settings:

  • Movement speed and acceleration/deceleration ramps
  • Motor torque to increase the focuser weight load capacity of the camera when the focuser is stationary
  • Moving and positioning test with reading of steps number
  • Selection of pre-settings for low, medium and heavy loads
  • Reading of stored settings in the internal electronics
  • Reading of temperature (requires optional temperature probe)

Scope of delivery:

  • power cable for cigarette plug
  • micro USB cable
  • Set of screwdrivers and nipple for assembly
  • Set of 5 bushings for different focusers
  • USB drive with ASCOM driver, control and setting software, PDF user manuals (italian and english)

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