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Orion Filters 3,56'' Solar Filter - Observer 60 AZ

Product no.: 14552
Manufacturer: Orion

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Product description:

This glass carrier-mounted solar filter, allows safe solar observing with a telescope. The glass filter has impressively high contrast and is very durable. This is ensured by

  • multi-coated glass with chromium-nickel alloy coating allowing only 0.001% of sunlight to pass through (neutral density ND=5)
  • sturdy aluminium mount - light, rustproof, long-lasting!
  • the inner part of the mount is covered with foam rubber - which holds the filter securely in place by friction alone. The screws on the mount are for added extra security only.

A glass filter of this quality makes solar observing and astrophotography a joy. The filter can be safely and rapidly mounted.

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