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10 Micron Mount Leonardo BM 100 red

Product no.: 44666
Manufacturer: 10 Micron

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10 Micron Mount Leonardo BM 100 red
10 Micron Mount Leonardo BM 100 red
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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

Similar to illustration: Delivery without tripod and binoculars, mount either in red or black color

The Leonardo mount uses the lever principle to allow astronomical observations with large binoculars and spotting scopes conveniently and reliably.

The mount is able to carry the heaviest binoculars without vibrations and to ensure longer observations with absolute comfort. The extreme versatility of the Leonardo system allows you to easily observe any astronomical or terrestrial object.

Friction adjustment knobs for vertical and horizontal movement allow you to keep the preload of the parallelogram accurate to achieve a sensitive movement with different instruments. Clamps also help to fine-tune all the movements of the mount to effectively cushion inadvertent jolts or sudden intense gusts of wind. All knobs are placed close to the observer's position for easy operation.

The fourth axis is used for "scanning", providing a subtle left / right movement for the optical instrument over a total viewing angle of 30 degrees. This makes it possible to observe moving targets such as birds, airplanes or satellites anywhere in the horizon without having to move the parallelogram itself or the head back and forth.

The instrument platform at the top of the parallelogram is perfectly balanced for effortless elevation movement with each optical instrument reaching to the zenith.

Moving angle:

  • Elevation angle: -35 ° / + 53 ° below / above the horizon
  • Rotation: 360 ° in azimuth
  • Inclination of the instrument holder: +/- 90 °
  • Horizontal scanner device: +/- 15 ° left and right

Safety: The construction of the mount allows you to always keep a good distance from the tripod legs at any viewing angle. This helps tremendously to move freely without stumbling - especially at night. The Leonardo mount is equipped with a security lock that can simultaneously block both arms of the parallelogram. Pressing a button (with a double lock pin) locks the parallelogram in a horizontal position, allowing safe mounting of all optical devices on the instrument platform.

When designing and manufacturing the Leonardo mount, great care has been taken to ensure that all movements of the mount work as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. Regardless of whether the user is standing upright, sitting in a (rolling) chair or sitting comfortably on a deck chair, the handling and movement of the mount remains highly effective in every position, allowing for comfortable head and posture. This is especially good for public demonstrations with children!

In addition to the actual mount included :

  • Counterweight bar (30x500 mm)
  • Counterweight 3kg
  • two fastener screws with 1/4 "and 3/8" female threads
  • Adapter flange for tripod or column

The Leonardo mount has been specially designed for compatibility with all 10 Micron, Geoptik and Baader tripods . The base plate can be mounted on any heavy tripod suitable for astronomical observations using the included flange adapter with pre-drilled holes.

Conclusion: By opting for the Leonardo mount, you get a product of the highest mechanical quality and reliability, suitable even for the most demanding observation objects - eg for comet search.

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