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Astrodon Off-Axis-Guider MegaMOAG manual ultra low profile off-axis guider

Product no.: 16539
Manufacturer: Astrodon

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Product description:

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MOAG means Manual Off-Axis Guider, a non-moving part of your optical train.

The MegaMOAG is the largest member of our off-axis guider product line. It is specifically designed to accommodate the larger CCD detectors (36 x 36 mm), such as the Kodak KAF16803E and KAF9000E used on larger telescopes with 4" accessories and extension tubes. It is a 4"-to-3" version of our popular MonsterMOAG, where the camera side accepts all 3" MonsterMOAG adaptors. Furthermore, it retains the thin 1.25" backfocus of MonsterMOAG, and is an ideal choice for systems having minimal backfocus such astrographs made by Dream Telescopes. It also integrates nicely with the 4" systems at the back of larger RC Optical Systems Ritchey-Cretien telescopes.


  • For largest CCDs (KAF16803, KAF9000)
  • Smallest backfocus 1.25"
  • 4" opening on the telescope side
  • 3" opening on the camera side
  • Guide in front of your filters
  • More guide stars with unfiltered light
  • Guide in the main optical beam
  • Avoid differential flexture and cost of guide scope
  • Fixed guider position for automated data acquisition


  • Solid body for no flexure for the heaviest cameras
  • Helical focuser for easy focusing of guide camera
  • Short, manual 1.25" camera holder also included
  • Additional prism spacers included
  • These provide maximum flexibility to come to focus
  • 4"-24 Male dovetail adaptor for telescope side included
  • 2.7" Female dovetail adaptor included
  • Female 2.7" also has 3" Male for CFWs
  • Dovetail connectors to align with camera / telescope
  • Low reflectivity inner surfaces
  • Wide variety of camera side adaptors

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