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Off-Axis-Guider Easy 2"

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Product description

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The Lumicon Easy Guider is one of the most powerful astrophotography accessories available today, with the largest guide camera field of view available.

This low-profile Easy Guider features a large pick-off prism, making bright guide-star selection a breeze. It uses telescope optics directly for pinpoint guiding accuracy. This method is superior to using guide-scopes, which can flex with respect to the main telescope.

Benefits of Off-Axis Guiding:

  • Guiding occurs with the same light path as the imaging detector thereby eliminating the effects due to differential flexure/slop of the auxiliary guide scope.
  • Differential flexure in guiding setups often introduces errors far worse than the actual corrections actually needed. Off-axis Guiding avoids this problem.
  • Auxiliary guide scopes are blind to image shifting due to primary mirror “flop” in telescopes with moving primary mirrors (SCT’s). Off-axis guiding corrects for this problem
  • Guiding occurs at the same focal length as the main imaging camera. Although CCD guiding software can compute tracking errors to sub-pixel accuracy, many guide scope combinations have marginal or too-short focal lengths to be properly effective. Off-Axis Guiding avoids this problem.

Digital imagers may require an extension piece for use with SLR cameras.



Connection (to the telescope)
Connector (other end)
T2 (M42 x 0,75)


Type of build
Off-Axis Guider

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Lumicon Off-Axis-Guider Easy 2"

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