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Filters OIII Filter 2"

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Product description

The Omegon OIII filter is comparable to the Omegon UHC filter in its function. The difference is that this filter only allows the light of doubly ionized oxygen through. This means that there is an enormous increase in contrast with diffuse, planetary and extremely dim nebulae. This is a special narrowband filter which allows an even smaller range of wavelengths than the Omegon UHC filter. Even so, there are innumerable astronomical objects which can be first observed in detail with this filter or cannot be seen at all without it. A prime example is the Veil nebula in the constellation of Cygnus.

An Omegon OIII filter is not only useful at light-polluted sites; the contrast is also increased at dark sky sites. The Omegon OIII filter can be used with all 2” eyepieces.

Our expert comment:

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Connection (to the telescope)
Mount material


Type of build
line filter

Area of application

Anti light-pollution
Hydrogen nebulae
Planetary nebulae
Central stars
Supernova remains
Useful for photographs
Visually useful
Omegon Filters OIII Filter 2"
Omegon Filters OIII Filter 2"

Customer reviews

Excellente transmission et surtout contraste très fort

Review by B. I. on 01.03.2024 16:41:33

( 5 / 5 )

J'avais depuis quelques années un Baader O-III de 1.25" qui me semblait sombre, j'attribuais ça à la bande nécessairement étroite. Mais en comparant grâce à des oculaires à double coulant j'ai réalisé que mon Baader montre l'anneau de la Lyre plus sombre, et moins défini. La courbe de transmission de l'Omegon est beaucoup plus exacte. D'ailleurs mon laser vert de 532 nanomètres passe relativement bien dans le Baader mais beaucoup moins dans l'Omegon.

Le pic de transmission doit être vers 500nm donc la courbe de l'Omegon prouve qu'elle est plus juste.

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