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Omegon Super ploessl 1.25" eyepiece case

Product no.: 23606
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Manufacturer's product description:

Omegon super ploessl eyepiece case - for universal use

The Omegon super ploessl eyepiece case a made up from five eyepieces, which can be used with virtually any telescope. You don't need to worry about which eyepiece is suitable for your particular telescope. This case provides you with a range of different magnifications which are suitable for most telescopes.


SP 20mm eyepiece

SP 17mm eyepiece

SP 12.5mm eyepiece

SP 6mm eyepiece

SP 4mm eyepiece

Premium 1.25” moon filter

Super ploessl eyepieces

Omegon super ploessl eyepieces are of especially high quality due to the highest requirements being demanded of their optical and mechanical specifications. Even at first sight, you can recognize the excellent workmanship. For example, all glass/air surfaces are coated with a green reflection-suppressing FMC coating. The advantage: higher light transmission and better contrast. The 55° apparent field of view of these eyepieces is somewhat wider than with more basic eyepieces of the same design. This modified design prevents the tunnel-vision effect and offers more comfort when observing. The eyepieces are manufactured with an entirely aluminium body along with a precision 1.25” size barrel. Each eyepiece has an internal thread for use with 1.25” filters. A fold-down rubber eyecup offers protection from any stray light from the side.

The moon filter

As our constant companion, the moon is a very popular object for observing, offering fascinating views even with small telescopes. But our satellite the moon is often so bright that not only can you read a newspaper by its light but even be dazzled by it when observing. The Omegon moon filter provides a simple solution here and reduces the light level to one which is much more pleasant. The filter simply screws into the eyepiece barrel and everything is then ready for your 'trip to the moon'.

The case - everything prepared

Accessories can be kept in this elegantly designed aluminium accessory case. Although the case looks very compact, it provides enough room for your eyepieces, filters and other accessories. This Omegon case has also been selected to provide sufficient room for further accessories. Even large 2 “eyepieces will fit in it due to its roomy12cm deep interior. Exactly where you locate each accessory is left completely up to you: The integrated 1cm x 1cm cube 'pluck foam' material allows eyepieces to be located fairly precisely.

Our expert comment:

You can easily calculate the magnification an eyepiece provides, when used with your telescope, using the following formula:

telescope focal length divided by


eyepiece focal length

(Marcus Schenk)

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