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Orion 9x50, 90° finder scope with solar filter

Product no.: 47076
Manufacturer: Orion

$ 111.00

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Orion 9x50, 90° finder scope with solar filter
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Product description:

This generously sized finder offers more comfortable viewing through its angled optics as compared to a finder without this.

You can navigate more easily in the night sky with this finder - thanks to its large aperture and wide field of view. The fact that the section of sky seen in the finder is correctly oriented to the real sky is also very helpful and is due to the use of an Amici prism in the angled optics.

The finder can be precisely aligned to the main optics by means of the adjustment screws on the finder bracket.

Finding the sun with a telescope is not at all easy. This inexpensive attachment for your finder scope makes finding it much simpler! Looking at the sun through the attachment's protective foil is completely safe. The finder scope shows you the sun with a yellow-orange hue with high contrast - it is even possible to see sunspots.

The filter is optimized for the Orion finder scopes of the appropriate diameter.

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