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This manufacturer of astronomical optics’ success story began in the late seventies when optics designer and amateur astronomer Al Nagler created the TeleVue company. From modest beginnings, this company has become one of the leading manufacturers of telescopes and accessories.

TeleVue is best known for its eyepieces. The Nagler, DeLos and Ethos series eyepieces are probably among the best eyepieces available on the astronomical accessories market. Their new DeLite series is also affordable for the lower budget.

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Further information about TeleVue

Further information about TeleVue

Al Nagler turned his lifelong love for astronomy into his profession in 1958 and began working developing optical instruments. In the final analysis, it will probably be his collaboration with NASA's lunar landing simulators that will be seen as having the greatest impact on today's TeleVue Optics products - Al Nagler wanted his own observing instruments to produce the same seemingly infinite photos as the astronauts made. The key was in producing sharp, high-contrast, wide-field images.

TeleVue released its Plorssl eyepieces in the midst of the Dobsonian revolution of the Eighties. These had such improved edge definition that they were given American and international patents. They were very well received by amateur astronomers. "The sharpest I've ever used," wrote the editor of ‘Astronomy’ in a product review.

The ‘Nagler’ series heralded its own eyepiece revolution. These eyepieces have an 82° apparent field of view and are ten times sharper than previous eyepieces.

Every eyepiece manufactured by Tele Vue is f/4 certified - quality that is not available anywhere else. TeleVue Optics needed to make their own eyepiece testing equipment as no pre-existing equipment was capable of testing them.

Such efforts allowed TeleVue to pioneer the production of a four lens element, diffraction-limited refractor a serious, portable alternative to Newtonians and SCTs. The current Tele Vue NP 101 is the ultimate development. This 4 inch, f/5.3 lens telescope is a milestone and sets new optical standards.

TeleVue’s employees are a very important factor in the firm’s success. They share the desire for quality and the love of observing. That is why they produce every single product as if it were their very own.