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Astrophotography > Camera adaptor > Projection adapter > Omegon > Omegon Projection adapter 15mm T2i/T2a T2 extension ring
Product no.: 33224

Projection adapter 15mm T2i/T2a T2 extension ring

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Product description

Omegon T2, 15mm extension tube

The extension tube has a T2 interior thread and a T2 exterior thread for elegantly solving spacing problems in astrophotography. Use this extension tube for getting the correct image scale or the exact spacing required for reducers or field flatteners. The required spacing can be achieved by combining several extenders of differing lengths.

- T2 internal thread

- T2 exterior thread

- 15mm in length



Connection (to the telescope)
Connection ( to eyepiece)
Optical length (mm)


Type of build
Extension tube

Recommended accessories

Telescope accessories (1)

Baader Eyepiece clamp ClickLock 1 ¼ "/T-2i

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Omegon Projection adapter 15mm T2i/T2a T2 extension ring

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