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jenschmedia Software Clear Sky 1.0

Product no.: 45496
Manufacturer: jenschmedia

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jenschmedia Software Clear Sky 1.0
jenschmedia Software Clear Sky 1.0
jenschmedia Software Clear Sky 1.0
jenschmedia Software Clear Sky 1.0
jenschmedia Software Clear Sky 1.0
jenschmedia Software Clear Sky 1.0
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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

This software offers you everything you need to plan your observation: It is astronomical yearbook, observation planner and planetarium software in one!

The program takes into account your observation location and your equipment. You can even enter the quality of the night sky at your observing site. The current moon phase can also be observed when the proposal worthwhile goals.

The software is clear and intuitive to use. An impression of the tidiness and clear structure mediate the screenshots.

The program includes:

  • Almanac: Monthly constellations, planet, observing conditions such as twilight times and moon phases, meteor showers, detailed finder charts
  • Observation planner: What you can watch at any given time or at what time you can observe a particular object? On these questions, the software provides answers based on your equipment, level of experience and observation conditions at your location.
  • Planisphere: Shows the position of the stars at a certain time from a certain viewing direction
  • Finder charts: A set of 15 detailed finder charts covers the entire northern hemisphere over the course of the year. All objects of the Messier catalog are provided with Telrad circles.
  • Planetarium: Displays stars, planets and comets at a certain time from a certain viewing direction under consideration undisturbed conditions (twilight, moon phases). Deep sky objects can be displayed and illustrated on the lapse function changes.
  • Horizon Diagram: Illustrates the observability of planets, comets and minor planets
  • 3D Solar System: This view shows clearly special constellations of the planets and orbits of small bodies.
  • Targeted Object Search: celestial bodies and constellations can even search. You will then receive information, some pictures to objects, as well as support for observation planning.

More Feature: planet moons, ephemeris, seasonal sky tours, planet, comet, and asteroid visibilities, phases of the moon, transit times GRF, eclipses, meteor showers, in short: It left nothing to be desired!

An Internet connection is recommended, because this facilitates the registry and allows the software update, and the update of orbital elements of comets and small bodies.

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