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Cullmann Tripod FLEXX Suction Set

Product no.: 46157
Manufacturer: Cullmann

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Cullmann Tripod FLEXX Suction Set
Product description
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Product description:

With the FLEXX Suction Set cameras or useful accessories, especially for studio photography, can be securely mounted. The Suction Set is also the ideal solution for taking shots from interesting positions which would not be possible by hand. It is compact and strong in design and can be securely fastened to smooth, grease free surfaces.

The FLEXX Suction Set consists of four products: the CS20 suction tripod, a mini ball head, the CX214 multi-clamp as well as a gooseneck. The suction tripod is compact and holds cameras or accessories safely n smooth, grease-free surfaces. The mini ball head has a QRC system and a 1/4 inch camera connection screw. The practical CX124 multi-clamp also has a 1/4 inch connection thread, as does the sturdy and flexible 160 mm long gooseneck. The FLEXX Suction Set provides the user with even more flexibility in realizing interesting shots.

The advantages:

  • Secure clamping on smooth, grease free surfaces by means of the suction tripod CS20
  • Strong multi-clamp CX124 with additional 1/4 inch connecting screw
  • Mini-ball head made of aluminium with QRC System*
  • Flexible gooseneck with a length of 160 mm
  • 10 year warranty

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